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Jerk Chicken ~ Jerk Chicken Wings ~ Rice n' Peas ~ Mac n' Cheese ~ Steamed Cabbage ~ Patty

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Catering / Special Events

Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

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Put some JERK in your life!

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Jamaican Jerk

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Jerk is a cooking technique that is native to Jamaica.  Meat is marinated with wet or dry rub for a minimum of 12 hours with various spices that include but not limited to pimento (all-spice), thyme, garlic and peppers.  The meat is then grilled over log wood coals.  In addition to grilling over log wood coals, traditional “jerking”  also includes pimento wood logs, pimento leaves and a zinc covering. Jerk chicken is a well-known Jamaican dish that is widely prepared in the U.S. – Because of its traditional preparation the genuine, natural smoky flavor that you would experience at a jerk centre or jerk stand in Jamaica can be lost because of the formal cooking processes state wide.  

Don’t settle for less-experience the best! Jamaican Jerk's cooking technique of jerk sets the standard by being well marinated and smoked on a wood fire grill to achieve an authentic Jamaican jerk flavor.  If you are willing to explore the taste and flavors of an authentic Jamaican dish, then be blessed with the “The Original Jamaican Jerk”!      

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